Neck Pain

A chiropractor gently manipulating the neckChiropractic Treatment for Neck Pain

If you are reading this page, its probably because you or someone you love is experiencing chronic (that is long term) or acute (recent) neck pain that is reducing your quality of life and restricting the movement of your head and neck.

At the Hunter Clinic, I use in combination the McTimoney Chiropractic Technique, Soft-Tissue Release and Corrective Exercise to attempt to get to the underlying cause of the musculoskeletal pain and help to reduce pain, improve alignment, increase flexibility and strengthen the muscles needed for both support and movement.

Diagnosing Neck Pain

There are many different causes of neck pain, including:-

  • Muscle strains are often overuse injuries from too many hours hunched over a computer, tablet or steering wheel. Even such minor things as reading in bed in a poor posture or grinding your teeth can strain neck muscles.
  • Worn joints can be the result of ongoing muscle strains and poor skeletal biomechanics. Just like all the other joints in your body, your neck joints can undergo wear and tear with age.
  • Nerve compression. Nerves can be compressed by the tight muscles they run through or between or, in more serious cases, by herniated discs or possibly bone spurs in the vertebrae of your neck.
  • Whiplash injuries, for example from car crashes, which occur when the head is jerked forward and backward, stretching the soft tissues of the neck beyond their limits.

At the Hunter Clinic, I look at the entire spine as well as the neck when you come to me with neck pain. This is because the pain in your neck may be a symptom of something that is happening elsewhere in the body. Posture, the alignment of your spine and how you walk are all things that have to be evaluated before making a comprehensive diagnosis.

You will be asked specific questions regarding your medical history and very occasionally it may be necessary that we suggest further imaging tests like x-rays or MRI’s to understand the situation in detail. The goal will be to find out what is the kind of treatment that you actually need and to direct you there. Occasionally, for very serious problems, an external referral may be needed to a surgeon.

For the vast majority of patients, Chiropractic treatment will be the appropriate level of intervention and no external referral will be needed and treatment will start on the day of your first visit to the Chiropractor.

Types of Chiropractic Treatment for Neck Pain

At the Hunter clinic,i  apply the “3 R’s” approach to Chiropractic treatment – Realignment, Release & Reactivation. This means the alignment of the skeleton will be assessed and worked on by means of gentle, low-force McTimoney Chiropractic adjustments and mobilisations. Next, muscles which have have become too tight through over-work will be released by various methods of Soft-Tissue Release.

Finally, muscles which are no longer doing their job properly, which have become “inhibited” and are no longer supporting or moving the spine properly, will be re-activated by means of appropriate Corrective Exercise. Even patients with serious neck problems such as a disc degeneration can often be safely introduced to appropriate very gentle neck exercises to gradually strengthen the muscles which support the neck and improve the range of available motion.

When a patient approaches me to ask about Chiropractic treatment for neck pain, I make it a point to thoroughly discuss the different treatment options and the likelihood of success before beginning any course of Chiropractic treatment.

If you are suffering with chronic or acute neck pain, give me a call at 07855 916 602 and I will set up an appointment for you at one of our 3 convenient London locations in Canary Wharf, the City (near Moorgate) or in Blackheath.