• John McTimoney

    A History of McTimoney Chiropractic

    John McTimoney was one of four children born 9th March 1914 in Edgbaston, Birmingham. His father died when he was only nine months old. Aged eleven, John McTimoney went to…

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  • B J Palmer

    History of Chiropractic Part 2

    18th September 1895: In Davenport Iowa (or so the story goes) DD Palmer (1845-1913) adjusted the mid-back (4th thoracic segment) of a deaf janitor Harvey Lillard, an Africa-American. Lillard had…

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  • D D Palmer

    A History of Chiropractic Part 1

    DD Palmer carried out the first Chiropractic treatment in Iowa on September 18th, 1895. Palmer was a “magnetic healer”. That is, he used magnets to heal people. He was also…

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