Are you in Pain?

  • Back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Pain, discomfort and stiffness in joints
  • Muscular aches
  • Headaches arising from the neck

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A chiropractor manipulating a leg

Meet Andrew

Hi, I’m Andrew Hunter DC, a trained registered McTimoney Chiropractic professional with over 15 years experience.

I provide a friendly chiropractic service in a clinic located in the City of London.

Find out what happens in a typical session. 

Andrew Hunter - McTimoney Chiropractor

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is an established method of adjusting your bones to improve the alignment of your skeleton. My practice is based on “The Three Rs”: gentle skeletal “Realignment” using McTimoney Chiropractic; supported by soft tissue “Release” and muscular “Reactivation” through exercise.

Why McTimoney

Because pain is often caused by issues elsewhere in the body McTimoney Chiropractic takes a whole-body approach to locating the cause of your pain and treating it. The gentle nature of McTimoney makes it suitable for people of all ages.

A McTimoney Chiropractor at work

Why Choose Me?

I firmly believe in the restorative benefits of my treatment. See what my patients have to say.